Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update in Hindi

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21 March 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai full show episodes on 123moviesbyte.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on 123moviesbyte
Sameer calls a beauty parlour to find out if they can straighten her hair or not. They tell him that they become normal in 3 months. He sits down upset. Munna and Pundit ask him if he isn’t going to get ready to bring Naina home. Sameer refuses to bring her back till the time her hair are fine. They ask him if he is drunk. He says I panicked seeing a scratch on my head and she ruined her hair completely. They ask him who he will go to Ooty with. Everything will be fine when it will be just you two. Munna and Pundit dance crazily on Ye Haseen Vaadiyan song. Sameer cannot stop thinking of Naina’s curly hair. Sameer ends up switching off the player. No means no! They give up. Munna asks Pundit to come with him till airport.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st March 2019

We will getting cancelled but not his honeymoon. He cannot even hear it just like I couldn’t hear it.
Pundit is certain that Sameer will not go but Munna is positive he will go happily.
Tai ji says Naina made Rakesh shed tears of blood but Arjun will be the reason of his happiness.
Whenever I was upset and wanted to cry loudly, I would lock myself in my bathroom and cry my heart out. I had three reasons to cry after all. One, Papa did not come in the wedding. Two, Sameer was angry with me and three, my hairstyle!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21 March 2019

Arjun and Juhi knock at the bathroom door. Naina hugs them one by one. Juhi compliments her hairstyle. You look just like Madhuri Dixit. Naina smiles. Juhi apologizes to her for not coming to her wedding. Congratulations. Naina congratulates them too. Arjun shares that Papa told them not to tell anyone. Juhi points out that this was Tai ji’s condition. Rakesh Uncle had to skip the kanyadaan ritual because of Tau ji and Tai ji’s condition only. Arjun says we are ill fated. Brother couldn’t come in his sister’s marriage and now you wont be able to come in your brother’s marriage. Naina hugs him again. My good wishes are always with you. Juhi and Arjun leave before Tai ji calls them. Before going, Juhi whispers Happy Honeymoon to Naina.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21 March

Vishakha and Bobby argue over staying for another day in Ahmedabad. He tells her to stay for her son’s happiness if she wants to but he wont. She tells him it is just about a day but he tells her it is about his heart. I am done. He pushes her but Sameer holds her in time. Bobby says be careful but it is too late. Sameer throws Bobby’s suitcase angrily. Don’t you dare raise your voice again or I will break your hand! Bobby speaks badly about him but Sameer says the same to him in return. He holds Bobby’s pointed finger angrily and warns him to be in his limits. It wont be nice for you if I forget the respect that elders deserve! Vishakha sends him away somehow. Bobby also walks away in a huff.

Naina is ready. Bela gives Naina a notebook in which she has written how to handle her home. Preeti asks her if it also mentions something about honeymoon. Naina and Preeti keep pointing at each other that the other person was interested in it. Bela glares at them one by one. Bela asks Naina why she took off mangalsutra. Naina says I dint take it off. Preeti says you might have taken it off while bathing but Naina declines. Bela scolds Naina for being careless lately. They start looking for it. Bela scolds her over it. Your in-laws will think that we kept it as it was of diamond. Sameer overhears it and asks Naina if she lost her mangalsutra. The ladies panic. Bela tells Sameer that it will be here only. Naina keeps her stuff and forgets sometimes. Preeti tries to cover it up but fails miserably. Bela sends Preeti to bring snacks for Sameer and takes her with him. She gestures Naina to find the mangalsutra asap before they go out. Sameer looks at Naina pointedly. She notices him staring unhappily at her hairdo. Naina goes inside the washroom.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st March

Sameer thanks Naina’s family for the food. Preeti ends up talking about Chop-soy. Anand asks her about it. Preeti replies that that happened before wedding. It is official now. Everyone smiles. Preeti proposes to go to honeymoon with Sameer and Naina. Bela reprimands her for being insensible every time. Think before you speak sometimes. Preeti asks her parents why she cannot go with Naina on her honeymoon when she has gone everywhere with Naina till date. Naina comes there just then. Sameer intentionally asks her if she found her mangalsutra. Anand scolds Naina for her callousness. Sameer tells him to let it be. Whatever had to happen has happened. I don’t care about all this but Mummy and Mami ji will not like it. They thought she is responsible which is true but they will be hurt as mangalsutra is the emblem of a marriage. I don’t believe in it but they do. Anand nods. He again scolds Naina for not paying attention but Sameer tells him to let it be. Anand looks unhappily at Naina. Sameer smiles. Everyone is looking at Naina who is looking at Sameer pointedly. Sameer agrees to pacify his mother and Mami ji. Naina is looking at him quietly / angrily and vice versa. Anand tells Naina to find the mangalsutra. How many times will Sameer manage the situation? Naina is making back to back mistakes. Naina goes. Sameer nods at Anand.

Bobby calls his mother to inform that he is coming home. Vishakha will stay here with her son from now onwards. Vishakha questions him on his decision. He is unhappy as to how she forgot him in all the rituals. Sameer misbehaved with me right now but you dint say anything! She speaks of Sameer’s behaviour. Bobby says during our marriage I clearly told you he wont stay with us. I did whatever I could for him but he keeps on insulting me every single time. I took him to Delhi and bore his every tantrum for your sake but you just cannot handle him! I wont bear it anymore. I have decided that now you will stay with your son forever. I will return to Delhi alone. This is my last decision.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Human beings are the only creatures who do not apologize even after knowing that they are wrong. I was doing the same thing with Naina.

Sameer asks Naina if she found the mangalsutra. She tells him she couldn’t find it. Scold me as I ruined my hair first and now I have lost my mangalsutra. She does not let him talk. I am no Madhuri Dixit but I want to be one for your sake so I tried perming. I am simple girl. I am not smart like you and can never be. I only wanted to look good which I shouldn’t have tried at all! You can find someone else if you want a beautiful girl. You still have time. You were upset with me when I needed you the most. You were angry with me! You cannot see me in this hairstyle right? Come back now only when my hair are fine. Now go and let me find my mangalsutra!

Precap:Sameer suggests Naina to check for her mangalsutra inside her. She looks at him in confusion.


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