The Kapil Sharma Show 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update in Hindi

The Kapil Sharma Show 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online The Kapil Sharma Show 24th March 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates The Kapil Sharma Show 24 March 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial The Kapil Sharma Show full show episodes on 123moviesbyte.

The episode starts with rukmani stepping into the lava, she walks as she prays to kanha! The fire doesn’t touch rukmani and she walks without any harm and comes out. Shishupal and rukmani’s brother are shocked. Rukmani smiles and goes. shishupal says rukmani is indeed saying the truth, kanha is powerful. Rukmani’s brother says yes, what to do now? Shishupal says I think kanha has come here to stop my marriage with rukmani, but I will stop him first, I will defeat him and fight him.

The Kapil Sharma Show 24th March 2019 Full Episode

Kanha is meditating under a banyan tree. Kanha feels pain. Rukmani comes finding kanha and she sees kanha, she says what are you doing here? Rukmani comes to kanha. Kanha opens his eyes and says rukmani what happened? Rukmani says kanha, I am your friend, I was worried about you. kanha suddenly feels pain on his feet, rukmani sees kanha’s feet and says kanha your feet have burned! Rukmani says shishupal gave me a task to walk on lava if I was your true disciple and if you could save me, you did save me! but you took all the pain on your feet, they have burned. Kanha says no rukmani, I don’t know how that has happened but I did not take your pain from the lava.

The Kapil Sharma Show 24 March 2019 Written Update

Rukmani says wait, I will bring a chandan paste to put on your feet. Rukmani goes and brings medicinal paste, she puts on kanha’s feet and says kanha you are my friend and I will always help you. kanha’s feet are soothed by the medicine. Kanha says thank you rukmani. Rukmani says kanha I have decided I will marry shishupal, I know I don’t like him, but I will do it.

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In Mathura, bhadraksh says maharaj hirankashyap, we should pray to kanha, by bhakti only we will be able to call him. please guide us bhakt sudhama. Sudhama says you have to first start praying to my prabhu kanha. Hirankashyap says with bhakti I will kill kanha. Hirankashyap starts praying to kanha. In chanderi, the preparations start for the pooja ceremony of shishupal and rukmani. In the palace, everyone get ready and all royal guests are invited. Kanha, balram and radha step in and everyone watch them. All royal kings and queen discuss and say how divya these children look, who are they? Kanha’s aunt says kanha,

The Kapil Sharma Show 24 March Watch Online

play your flute show them how beautiful the music you play is! Kanha says aunty I play my flute everyday but today I will play a unique tune for this occasion. Kanha starts playing the flute. The pooja starts. Everyone love the music. Radha says I shall dance and she starts dancing. As kanha and radha play the flute and dance, clouds appear in the sky and suddenly a storm comes. A round stone falls from the sky into the agni kund of the pooja. All people are shocked, the storm increases and dust falls everywhere. Kanha continues playing the flute and radha dances, everyone panic and run helter skelter. Suddenly shishupal is lifted in the sky and he is taken in the clouds. Kanha’s aunty screams and all people gets scared. Kanha smiles.

The Kapil Sharma Show Cast 24 March 2019 Desiserial

Precap: The Kapil Sharma Show 24th March 2019 Written Update Hirankashyap is about to kill kanha in anger with his axe. Suddenly from the pillar of the palace, kanha takes avatar of Narsimha and comes out. Hirankashyap gets scared and he falls on his knees.


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