Modi blames Congress for delay in getting Rafale jet fighters?

Modi blames Congress for delay in getting Rafale jet fighters?

Indirectly targetting the earlier Congress authorities, PM Modi now says Pakistan Air Force would have suffered heavy damages if India may get and use Rafale jet fighters in latest battle. Modi’s allegation is that there was appreciable delay in acquisition of Rafale jets due to the Congress get together. PM says Indian Air Force hunted down enemy jets and within the course of one Indian plane was attacked by Pakistani jets.

If India used Rafale jet fighters within the latest assault, this could have prompted such harm to enemy that not one single plane of Pakistan would have escaped. These statements of Modi compelled the Congress get together to criticise that the BJP and PM are suspecting the effectivity of the armed forces.
But Modi instantly launched counter assault on rivals. He says the BJP authorities will make untiring efforts to seek out terrorists and boldly eradicated them. The current air strikes on terror camps in Pakistan can’t be termed as election-inspired. Modi recalled that in 2016 additionally, India courageously launched surgical strikes on terrorists and at the moment there have been no elections of any kind.



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