Manmohini 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update in Hindi

Manmohini 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Video watch online Manmohini 23rd March 2019 Written Episode Update. Zee5 Manmohini 23 March 2019 Full Episode of Zee Tv hindi drama serial Manmohini full show episodes on 123moviesbyte.

Siya cries realizing that Mohini is chudaill and wants to snatch Ram from her, but she cannot let it happen. She rushes down to alert Ram when she sees Mohini with Ram telling him that Siya considers Dayimaa as her mother and cannot hear anything against her. She angrily calls Mohini and walks towards her. Dayimaa thinks Siya should not reveal that she knows Mohini is chudail, else Mohini will get alert. Siya hugs Mohini tightly.

Manmohini 23 March 2019

 Ram walks away thinking Siya cares for everyone except him. Mohini asks what happened. Siya says she is helping her like a sister and trying to protect her and Ram’s relationship, she is very thankful to her. Dayimaa laughs seeing that and says this is called tit for tat, now Siya will defeat chudail in her own game. Mohini promising that she can even sacrifice her life to protect Siya and Ram.

Manmohini 23rd March

Siya hugs her again and asks to feed Ram as he will not listen to her. Mohini asks not to worry, she will handle everything. Siya thinks she is diverting Mohini’s attention to know if she is chudail or not; if she is chudail, sautan will kill her from her own hands.

Manmohini 23rd March 2019

Siya walks to Dadimaa’s room and closing all windows and doors says she needs to talk something important. Dadimaa asks to go ahead. Siya says she knows Dayimaa tried to kill her and shows diamond found in laddoo. Dadimaa is shocked. Siya notices chudail spying on her and thinks she needs to be very careful.

Manmohini 23 March

She asks to inform if she knows anything about chudail. Dadimaa says she does not know anything. Siya thinks even Dadimaa does not know anything, now she has to somehow find out if Mohini is chudail or not to save Ram.

Precap: Manmohini 23 March 2019 Written Update Siya tells Mohini that they will have food from same hali and feeds her. Mohini thinks she will burn if she eats salted food and her throat starts burning.


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