Lakshmi’s NTR Release: Election Commission to decide its fate

Lakshmi’s NTR Release: Election Commission to decide its fate

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma challenged everyone that he would release Lakshmi’s NTR at any cost. If the theatrical release is stalled, he announced that the film would release on YouTube. There are talks that the film may face a tough time as the Election Commission announced the schedule of the polls across the country. The makers announced that the film will release on March 22nd and they are gearing up for promotions. TDP supporter and activist Devibabu Chowdary approached the Election Commission to stall the film’s release.

He filed a complaint that AP Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has been presented in bad light and the film’s release ahead of elections would have an impact on the polls. He asked to keep the release of Lakshmi’s NTR on hold till April 11th. The Election Commission will decide the fate of Lakshmi’s NTR soon. We have to wait to see if Lakshmi’s NTR releases on time or if the audience will have to wait for the completion of elections to witness RGV’s NTR biopic.



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