Dil Raju mounts pressure on Vamshi Paidipally

Dil Raju mounts pressure on Vamshi Paidipally

Talented director Vamshi Paidipally is known for his class touch in his films. He is shooting for Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi which is releasing this May. Vamshi is known to direct films on a slow pace and he takes ample time to carve out the flick. Vamshi took two years for the script and pre-production work, but could not plan perfect schedules and complete shoot on time. Along with lavish production values, Vamshi spent almost eight months on the sets but he is yet to wrap up the principle shoot of Maharshi.

Dil Raju who is facing the heat from Superstar’s fans imposed a strict deadline to complete the shoot by the first week of April so that Maharshi gets ample time to complete the post-production formalities. The film did a solid pre-release business and digital, satellite deals too are picked up for record prices. Mahesh wants no last-minute changes for the film’s release. Maharshi is carrying massive buzz and got a perfect release date during summer (May 9th).

With pressure mounting from all the corners, Vamshi Paidipally is now working on a fast pace to complete the shoot as per the deadline. Couple of songs along with a portion of talkie part is yet to be completed. Pooja Hegde and Allari Naresh will be seen in other pivotal roles in Maharshi. Dil Raju, PVP and Ashwini Dutt are the producers.



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